Check out the features that improve your meetings

yoyomeeting is packed with useful features that help to drive change in your meeting habits. Get more done in less time!

Easily create an agenda for every meeting, so your attendees can come prepared.

Assign topics to different attendees and let them contribute to the meeting agenda.

Record who attended your meeting and who else has to be informed.

yoyomeeting is designed to take structured meeting notes on the fly.

Send personal tasks to individual people's inboxes and nothing gets lost.

Record & Track Decisions During Meetings

yoyomeeting drives the decision making process and helps to record them, too.

Create and monitor time boxes to focus and finish your meeting on time.

The Parking Lot

Stay focussed! Put distracting discussions to the side and let someone take care of it.

Review your meetings, get better every time and become a meeting pro.

Create meaningful meeting summaries. Personal tasks are assigned additionally.

Personal Task Formats

Different formats for personal tasks ensure cross-platform collaboration.

Meeting Statistics

Check the timing performance, your results and the vibes within your team.