During the Meeting

Manage your meeting, assign tasks and get ready right on time. And the meeting notes? Simply done on the fly!

Meeting Notes? Already done!

Take Meeting Notes on the Fly

Instead of collecting unstructured notes in prose, just record decisions, take tasks and collect side issues on the fly during the meeting and add the tiny rest in your meeting minutes during the meeting.

Who does what until when?

Assign individual tasks to your meeting participants.

All tasks, decisions and side issues are part of the automatically generated meeting minutes. So everyone can see who has to do what until when and can set individual follow-ups.

Decision Makers welcome

Easy recording of all Decisions from Your Meeting

Most meetings are summoned to make group decisions or to confirm a decision made earlier somewhere else. In yoyomeeting you have an extra section to either take down new decisions raised in the meeting or to show and confirm a decision made earlier.

Time is money!

Observe your time boxes for better focus

You have already set a time box for the meeting and each agenda item in the meeting invitation. Now yoyomeeting supports the meeting host to keep it.

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