After the Meeting

Distribute all meeting notes, personal tasks and decisions with one click to everyone who needs to know.

Focus on Results

Meeting Notes? Already done!

With the efficient meeting minutes tool, recording meeting results is most easy (and almost automated)! Only select the format, in which the results should be sent to your meeting participants – and they will receive it before they are back at their desk.

Efficient follow-up

Assign individual tasks to your meeting participants.

Instead of having a long list of tasks buried in a meeting protocol, yoyomeeting sends individual tasks to the responsible person in the preferred format. No task will ever disappear since it is assigned to one person without any clutter.

Everybody knows

Everybody gets informed who needs to know.

In yoyomeeting you can record who attended the meeting and whether these people should get the meeting results in the follow-up. On the other hand, you can add more recipients who should get the meeting results as information.

Agenda Templates

Save Your Agenda as Template

For recurring meetings with the (more or less) same agenda, just save an agenda as a template. That way, you can load it when preparing for the next meeting and just update the agenda items to your needs.

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