How to Improve Meeting Culture

Is your organization ready for a change in meeting culture? Don’t just call meetings for the sake of calling meetings. your meetings should be purposeful, productive and efficient, and if your company or organization does not have meetings up to the quality you would like, it’s time to take action. In order to improve meeting culture, here are a few tips for you to carry out to your team.


Formally Notify Your Organization

Letting the members of your organization know that meetings are going to change is a great first step to improving meeting culture. Here are a few steps on how to notify and carry out your meeting changes.

  1. A great starting point is to update everyone involved.
  2. Send an announcement
  3. Create a document of meeting guidelines for everyone in the company
  4. Create guidelines for those who lead team meetings
  5. Reinforce meeting guidelines


Guidelines on Improving Meeting Culture

Here are some fundamental guidelines to send to your team on how you can improve meeting culture in your organization.

Encourage meeting participation

Getting a team to participate is a common issue with meeting culture. 

Ideally, you’d like meeting attendees to participate in order to reach a consensus at the end of the meeting. You’ll get a more informed plan of next steps and tasks to come out of the meeting when everyone is actively participating.


Reduce unnecessary meetings

One way to improve meeting culture is to reduce unnecessary meetings. There’s nothing that employees dread more than being forced to go to meetings that are not completely necessary. Instead of a meeting, try using email or slack the topic isn’t complex or time-sensitive – that way, employees can do their work and get to a question or request in their own time.


Develop an agenda to make sure everyone is prepared

An agenda is an often-missed, but important part of all meetings. An agenda is designed to help inform meeting attendees on the meeting’s purpose and what is needed from them. A good agenda will diminish confusion and frustration going into a collaborative meeting.


Stick to the agenda during the meeting (don’t get off-topic)

Getting off-topic can be another sign of a bad meeting culture. Another benefit of an agenda is that it can help guide a meeting. Choosing topics to discuss and setting a time limit for each can help move the conversation along during the meeting. 


Give people the option to skip meetings

Not everyone has to be in a meeting – more importantly, not everyone should be in a meeting. Smaller meetings tend to be more productive, so if people don’t have to be there, then there’s no need for them to come. Similarly, giving users the option not to go is important – after all, that’s what detailed meeting notes are for.


How Yoyomeeting Helps You Improve Corporate Meeting Culture


Send Agenda Items

Prior to your meeting, you can send agenda items to your team. This sets the expectation for the meeting early on while preparing your team for the topics to be discussed during the meeting. yoyomeeting also has a shared agenda tool that helps teams collaborate on a meeting agenda.


Set Time Limits for Agenda Items During Meetings

During meetings, yoyomeeting allows you and your corporate team to set time limits to agenda topics. This will help your team stay on track and get to all items that need to be discussed while coming to decisions faster.


Update Those That Couldn’t Make the Meeting

For those that can’t make meetings, you can update them with the meeting minutes. That way, you can better communicate with those that don’t need to be at the meeting. You can use a meeting notes software or use one of our handy meeting minutes templates to print out.


Record Decisions During The Meeting

Using yoyomeeting enables you to easily record meetings, to track the outcomes and decisions happening. Tracking decisions is just another way that yoyomeeting allows you to stay focused and be more productive during hosted meetings.


Rate your meetings

Rate Your Meetings

If your team members aren’t satisfied with the quality of a meeting, they can anonymously rate the meetings on a 5-star scale. This helps you measure meeting effectiveness while getting feedback on how meetings go and begin the conversation of how to improve your meetings as it relates to your team.


Try yoyomeeting for free:

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