How to Organize a Meeting Agenda

You’ve been tasked with having to set up a meeting for work. Part of setting up a meeting is to organize the meeting – details of the meeting, making sure everyone is there, and setting an agenda. Taking the time to organize a meeting agenda will help the meeting become more effective. Here are the steps involved in how to organize a meeting for your direct team, or for client-facing meetings.


Tips on How to Organize a Meeting


Send a detailed agenda

A business meeting starts with organizing an agenda. An agenda should include all of the basics, including the meeting area (or a link to a virtual conference), the time of the meeting, the expected duration of the meeting, and details about the meeting. You’ll also need to schedule the meeting to make sure your attendees can make it.


Include the purpose of the meeting on the agenda

The meeting agenda should also clearly state the purpose of the meeting. When the purpose is clearly and concisely written in the agenda, the meeting attendees have a better understanding of what to expect and how to prepare. Great communication in meetings starts with an agenda that has a purpose clearly stated, so be sure to add one so everyone attending the meeting knows why the meeting has been called.


Agenda Includes what is needed from meeting attendees

In addition to the purpose, consider including what is expected of specific attendees for the meeting. For instance, if there are tasks that members of the team have been working on and are required to provide a status update, that should be mentioned on the agenda. Again, this helps increase the level of communication going into the meeting, making it very clear what should be reviewed and everyone’s role in the meeting. In the off-chance someone doesn’t read the agenda, it doesn’t hurt to remind meeting attendees individually of what is needed from them for the meeting.


Decide who needs to be at the meeting

Part of organizing a meeting is deciding who on the team needs to attend. The most important thing is to be sure you’re not leaving anyone important out of the meeting invite. Next, consider just how many people should be at the meeting – smaller meetings tend to go quicker, so if you limit the number of attendees to only those that need to be there, the meeting may go better.


Be the facilitator during the meeting

Being organized doesn’t always apply to prepare for meetings. During the meeting, the meeting facilitator helps others get involved, while making sure the meeting to stay on track. Often, the person who organizes the meeting facilitates the meeting, but whoever it is, it’s important to decide prior to the meeting.


Yoyomeeting organizes a meeting agenda for you

yoyomeeting is a meeting management software that helps organize a meeting. Here are some features on how yoyomeeting can organize your team and business meetings.


Send a Detailed Agenda

With yoyomeeting, not only can you easily organize a meeting agenda, you can set a detailed agenda by adding a title, description, and agenda items to discuss during the meeting.


Include Agenda Items Before Your Meeting

With yoyomeeting, you can send an agenda with agenda items included. Not only are agenda items used for briefing your team before a meeting, you can also use the agenda items during the meeting – that way you and your team can stay on track and accomplish what you need to during the meeting.


Invite Your Team Members to The Meeting

With yoyomeeting, you can easily invite team members and others to the meeting you create. In addition to invites, you can record the members who attended the meeting, and who didn’t make it.


organizing a meeting agenda

Take Great Meeting Notes

With meeting notes in mind, yoyomeeting makes it easy to take notes on the fly during a meeting. Our meeting software makes recapping meeting results so easy, it’s almost automated!


Monitor your time boxes for better focus

During meetings, yoyomeeting helps you stay on track with each agenda item created with our timeboxing planner feature. Each agenda has a timebox assigned to it.


Recaps for those who miss the meeting

Let’s face it – not everyone can make every meeting. Part of organizing a meeting is making sure the right people get the right information that comes out of the meeting. Yoyomeeting allows you to add the recipients who did not attend the meeting but need the results of the meeting.


It’s Time to Start Organizing Your Meetings Better

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