Get a +20% boost on working hours productivity for the price of a cappuccino in Paris - and have more fun on the way!

A Fistful of Dollars

Get it right for the price of a Coffee

We thought for a long time about our pricing model and still are not completely sure whether we got it right with the low-price approach, since price is always an indicator for perceived value. But anyway, let’s share our thoughts on this with you.

From an outside-in perspective on our product, we talked a lot about the value and productivity gains, yoyomeeting will provide when you truely use it in your company.

And these productivity gains can be huge – even essential in getting your work done and growing your business in times of scarce ressources and skills shortages.

On the other hand, it is just a tiny tool, compared to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools and applications.

Finally, we came up with the adjacent example business case for a fictious customer using yoyomeeting in her everyday business.

Using yoyomeeting for 3,95 €/month, she will save around 600 € per month on meeting cost alone – and this effect is scalable the more people use yoyomeeting in your company!

In addition, she will get more things done, having less trouble in the follow-up of meetings. And the cool side effect: it is way more fun going to meetings with yoyomeeting!

Sample Business Case
Number of 1 hour meetings per month:
Number of attendees per meeting:
= Total meeting hours:
60 hours
Average hourly rate:
50 €
monthly meeting cost:
3000 €
Estimated savings using yoyomeeting:
20 %

monthly savings through yoyomeeting:

600 €

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