Features to focus on Results

Get more done in less time!

yoyomeeting provides essential features to focus meetings on results! In the long run, you will have fewer and shorter meetings. You avoid the yoyo effect in meetings, where topics come back on the agenda again and again. With yoyomeeting, you focus on decisions and solve issues for good! Really simple!

Agenda Management

Easily create an agenda for every meeting, so your attendees can come prepared.

Share Your Agendas

Assign agenda topics to your team members and let them contribute to the meeting agenda.

Set Meeting Goals

Let your participants know what you want to achieve, so everyone is focussed on the same outcome.

Meeting Report

Create hassle-free meeting notes, focussed on relevant information and without the clutter.

Assign Personal Tasks

Instead of hiding tasks in meeting minutes, create shared task lists and assign personal tasks.

Decision Recording

Making decisions is an integral part meetings. Give them the appropriate space in your meeting summary.

Finish on Time

With time boxing and the meeting status bar, you see the progress and will finish every meeting on time.

The Archive

Find all relevant information from your workstreams structured in a timeline for optimal traceability.

Have fewer meetings

You will have fewer meetings! Topics are solved and will not come back on the agenda again and again!