Get things done for Good!

Focus on Results

Meeting notes? Already done!

With our efficient meeting tool, organizing a meeting recap is freakin’ easy, it’s almost automated!

Our meeting notes feature, turns meeting minutes into a valuable and easy-to-grasp artefact for your team. It extracts decisions and assigns tasks and aranges all relevant data in a comprehensible timeline. Right after your meeting, everyone has all information in a structured way in one place.

When it’s in yoyomeeting, it’s official!

Efficient follow-up

Create simple task lists for your team members

Instead of having tasks buried somewhere deep down in your meeting minutes (no one ever bothers to dig out anyway), send individual tasks to your meeting attendees with our task assignment feature. All team members see all their tasks from all their different workstreams in a simple and structured way!

No task will get lost since it is personally assigned (via task list and email) to the right person without any clutter. Action items made easy!

Everybody knows

The workstream timeline and results archive

For every meeting, we separate meeting minutes, decisions and tasks. All this relevant information is displayed in a timeline.┬áThat way, it’s easy to grasp all relevant and important information at an instant!

The workstream timeline is the perfect source for onboarding new employees to a workstream or get absent team members back on the same page. No clutter, now long reading. When it’s in yoyomeeting, it’s offical!