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Prepare for your meetings with yoyomeeting

We developed yoyomeeting as an add-in for Office 365 to help prepare and schedule meetings. Our meeting planning software plug in to Office 365 and Outlook on the Web (for PC and Mac). We think a new tool for productivity must integrate in your daily business routines instead of making you change your daily habits. Otherwise usage will be poor. And if you don’t use it, there won’t be any productivity gain!

Give people time to prepare

Add an agenda to the meeting invitation

When you use yoyomeeting used as a meeting planning software, it is much easier (one click and a line of text) to prepare a good-looking agenda item and furthermore, the tool reminds you to do so at all.

You might say, this is common sense and too obvious. But when everyone would do it already, we would not complain about so many unproductive meetings, right? Learn more about how to use shared agendas in our agenda management tool.

Learn more on how to write great meeting agendas.

Timing is crucial

Plan time boxes for each agenda Item

Most meetings generate tangible results only in the last couple of minutes when people notice, they are running out of time. No matter how long a topic is scheduled, if you have time left, you will use it for (sometimes unproductive) discussion.

Therefore timeboxing (limiting the available time for a topic) is a great way to focus your meeting on decisions and results. Learn more about our timeboxing planner.

Why are we discussing this?

Set goals for your agenda items

History shows, some people tend to get carried away while they are talking and they start discussions not helpful for a achieving the goal of the meeting. The goal? Ups! Sometimes meeting hosts just forget to set (or to communicate) such a goal in the heat of the moment of scheduling their meeting.

yoyomeeting will remind you to set a goal for each of your agenda items and show this to your attendees: “decision”, “workshop” or “information”. Don’t you wish every meeting planning software did this?