How it works

Get more done in less time: meeting management for Office 365. Agenda setting, meeting notes and task assignment.


Before the Meeting

Schedule your meeting as usual with Microsoft Outlook, but create your agenda, plan time boxes and prepare your content wir the add-in. Simple agenda preparation for better meeting results!

During the Meeting

Start your meeting from Outlook. Monitor the time boxes, take structured notes and decisions and assign personal tasks to your attendees. And the best: be finished right on time!

After the Meeting

The next meeting is already waiting. Luckily, the meeting notes are already done! Just distribute the meeting results and the personal tasks to your attendee's inboxes. 1 ... 2 ... Done!

The 3 steps in your meeting process

More on how life gets easier with yoyomeeting

Meeting Planning

Read more on how yoyomeeting can significantly improve your meeting preparation in Office 365.

Meeting Recording

Learn how to become the perfect meeting host with Office 365 and the yoyomeeting add-in.

Meeting Recap

How to spend less time on meeting documentation and get things really done on time with fun on the way.

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