How it works

Before the Meeting

“67% of employees think an agenda makes a meeting more successful.”

Simply add one! Schedule your meeting with your established calendar tool. Add an agenda in yoyomeeting and assign agenda topics. Now all participants come prepared for informed discussions. Even easier with our various calendar plugins (in progress).

During the Meeting

“74 % of employees think meetings are a great place to make decisions.”

Clear goals, decision recording, and personal task assignment. We make it easy to focus on decisions and action items. The meeting status bar ensures your meeting ends on time! Always!

After the Meeting

“An average employee spends 35% of her time in meetings.”

Make sure this time is well spent! The next meeting is already waiting. Luckily, the meeting summary and action items are already taken care of by yoyomeeting. To make it official, all results are saved in the workstream’s timeline for recap.

You daily work is structured in various workstreams of different topics with different people and different settings. By summarizing all relevant information (decisions, meeting reports, tasks) in a workstream, it’s easy to keep track and to find whatever you are looking for whenever you need it!

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The 3 steps in your meeting process


Learn how this is more effective with yoyomeeting

Meeting Planning

Read more on how yoyomeeting can significantly improve your meeting preparation.

Meeting Recording

Learn how to become the perfect meeting host with yoyomeeting and improve meeting performance.

Meeting Recap

How to spend less time on meeting documentation and get things really done on time with fun on the way.

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