Workstreams vs. Workspaces

Workspaces with a Goal

“Words change the way we think and act! Words make us move!”

Language is not just a matter of semantics! Therefore, we had many thoughts about the commonly used term “workspace” as the entity where all information on one topic is aggregated in other collaboration tools.

With yoyomeeting, we put all our efforts into making collaboration more goal oriented, focussed on results and on moving everyone in the same direction to get more done in less time. For that, the static term “workspace” just did not feel right! The goal, the movement is missing here!

Introducing “Workstreams”

“Give Your Action a Direction!”

Daily collaboration is a sequence of events, decisions, tasks and changing circumstances. That’s why we shifted from the go-to term workspace to workstream – to add the course of time towards a goal.

Our workstreams automatically aggregate all events connected to one topic in a timeline. Thus only with yoyomeeting, you can find all information and events from a particular topic in chronological order.

With the timeline, you start to understand why things evolved the way they are today and you can re-engineer success for tomorrow!

Simply create your free account and check yourself, how the workstream concept can help your team focus on impact instead of just “being busy”.

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The 3 steps in your meeting process

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Meeting Recap

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