Focus on Results

Meeting Notes? Already done!

Take meeting notes on the fly

With our meeting minutes software you can easily take meeting minutes on the fly. Instead of collecting unstructured notes, just record decisions, take personal tasks and all that during the meeting. The result: the meeting report is done, when the meeting is done!

But if you really want a fully transparent transcript: We are working on an optional AI integration to record meetings, create a transcript and summary to have even less work!

Who does what until when?

Assign personal tasks during the meeting

All meeting notes, tasks and decisions are part of the automatically generated meeting report. So everyone can see “who has to do what until when” and can set individual follow-ups.

Personal tasks get delivered right to the attendees accounts and nothing gets lost. Everyone can manage all their tasks from the different workstreams and keep track.

Decision Makers welcome

Easy recording of all decisions from your meeting

Most meetings are held to make group decisions or to confirm a decision made earlier somewhere else. In yoyomeeting you have an extra section to record decisions agreed on in your meeting.

Decisions and tasks are the important outcomes of meetings! Therefore, we show them in the workstream’s timeline for recap without all the clutter of meeting minutes transcript.

Time is money!

Monitor time boxes in the meeting

With our timeboxing planner, you have already set time boxes for each agenda item. Now we help you to keep them!

When you conduct a meeting, you can see the progress in the status bar. Thus you have your timing always in sight!¬†When things get tight at the end, the satus bar turns red, so you know it’s time to end your meeting!