The Office 365 Meeting Minutes Software for Productive Meetings

The simple Office 365 meeting minutes software to boost meeting productivity.

Set meeting agendas, take meeting notes and assign personal tasks - all in Microsoft Outlook!

Meeting Management Software

Core features that will drive your meeting productivity

create an agenda with yoyomeeting

Agenda Management

Easily create an agenda for every meeting, so your attendees can come prepared.

take meeting notes on the fly

Meeting Notes

yoyomeeting is designed to take structured meeting notes on the fly.

yoyomeeting task assignment

Task Assignment

Send personal tasks to individual people's inboxes and nothing gets lost.

Meeting Minutes Software for more Productivity

How we support your quest to excellent meeting productivity

introverts conduct meetings

Meeting Planning Software

  • Agenda setting
  • Time boxing
  • Shared agenda
  • and more
purpose of meetings

Meeting Recording Software

  • Take notes on the fly
  • Record decisions
  • Assign personal tasks
  • and more
5 types of meetings

Meeting Recap Software

  • Meeting notes? Already done!
  • Distribute personal tasks
  • Rate your meeting
  • and more

Other cool stuff we'd like to mention

With our meeting management software everybody can be the perfect meeting host!

No Discipline needed

Performing great meetings affords a great deal of discipline – or a great meeting management tool! Since you won’t get the meeting discipline from your attendees, we suggest you go for the tool.

Who needs a license?

At least the meeting host needs a license to boost your meeting. But it works completely well when some participants do not have the Office 365 add-in.

Made for Change

You get more than a meeting minutes software tool. In our UX design process, we incorporated behavioral science aspects to trigger a change of meeting habits, routines, and culture.

Secure Payments

All payments will be processed by Microsoft. You buy and download Yoyomeeting from the Microsoft Store. Thus you have the maximum security for your payments.

Secure Hosting

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, we have the maximum scalability and reliability for the Office 365 add-in with fast user experience, automated backups and maximum protection for your data.

European Data Privacy

Our company is based in Germany and all our services are hosted on Microsoft servers in the European Union. All software and hosting apply to the EU Privacy Act.

Download your 2 weeks Free Trial from the Microsoft Store

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