The Meeting Management Tool for Microsoft Outlook

Create meeting agendas, take meeting notes, and assign personal tasks. 100% inside MS Outlook - verified by Microsoft.

Your Microsoft add-in for more productive meetings!

Meeting Minutes Software

A web based meeting minutes software for Microsoft Outlook & Office 365 with features that will improve meeting productivity

agenda management

Agenda Management

Easily create an agenda for every meeting, so your attendees can come prepared.

meeting notes

Meeting Notes

yoyomeeting is designed to take structured meeting notes on the fly.

task assignment

Task Assignment

Send personal tasks to individual people's inboxes an nothing gets lost.

How It Works

How our web based meeting minutes software supports your quest for more productive meetings

More on the Outlook Meeting Management Software

With our meeting management software, everybody can be the perfect meeting host!

No Discipline needed

Having great meetings requires a lot of discipline – or a great meeting management tool! When you don’t get the discipline from your team, we suggest you try the tool.

Who needs a license?

At least the meeting host needs a license to boost your meeting. But it works completely well when some participants do not have the Office 365 add-in.

Made for Change

You get more than a meeting minutes software tool. In our UX design process, we incorporated behavioral science aspects to trigger a change of meeting habits, routines, and culture.

Secure Payments

We offer different payment options for buying your license. All payments will be processed by Braintree Inc. (a Paypal company), with leading merchants like Uber, Dropbox, airbnb and others. Thus, you too will have the maximum security.

Secure Hosting

Hosted in the Microsoft cloud in the EU and the US, we have the maximum scalability and reliability for our meeting management add-in. This guarantees a fast user experience, automated backups and a maximum protection for your data.

Secure Data

Our meeting management software is designed to use your local storage. We do not store your confidential meeting content on our servers when you terminate your meeting. yoyomeeting is hosted at Microsoft Azure in the EU and US.

Meeting Resources

Want to improve the quality of your meetings? Read some of our meeting resources below:

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If you find yourself attending too many meetings throughout the workday, here are a few ways to reduce meetings that may be unnecessary.

meeting recording software

When it comes to meetings – preparation is key. Learn more about effective preparation to ensures your meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

meeting recap software

Action items in a meeting are essential for getting things done in the corporate world. Learn how to assign and manage action items.

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