Task Assignment Tool for Meetings

How to assign meeting tasks in Microsoft Outlook to get things done

Feature Focus

Task Assignment

  • Meeting tasks and action items are assigned individually to the recipient’s inboxes

  • Side issues are assigned to the parking lot

  • Nothing gets lost and your meetings have greater impact

How to assign tasks in meetings

Many meetings are about getting things done – and a task assignment tool can help. And getting thing things done has to do with people doing things after the meeting. Interestingly enough, many meetings end without the must have question: “Who does what until when?”.

In many cases, tasks are taken down in the meeting notes, and the disciplined among us, write them down themselves in the meeting.

That undefined process leads to the situation, that many tasks just get lost or be forgotten. Just in the follow-up meeting, people recognize that they had tasks to do. And another meeting is lost, discussing the same tasks again …

The solution: Task assignment

Instead of relying on people reading meeting notes after the meeting, deriving the tasks relevant to them from the meeting minutes, just assign the tasks directly in the meeting with a deadline! yoyomeeting is a task management tracker that assigns tasks in Outlook right in the meeting.

yoyomeeting task assignment

In addition to the meeting summary, where all tasks are listed separately in a table for better reading, tasks are also sent to the responsible person’s inbox.

Assigning tasks in MS Planner, Trello, Slack …

Being back at their desk, your meeting participants find all their tasks one by one in their email inboxes and transfer them to their favorite task management tool. Since there are trillion ways of how people organize their tasks (MS tasks, Microsoft Planner, Trello, Slack, Wunderlist, as appointment in the calendar … just to name a few), we send assigned tasks as emails in Outlook. That way everyone is free to work with whatever they like. And you are not limited to the Microsoft Office eco-system.

Tasks not directly related to the meeting

Sometimes in your discussions, you stumble upon issues not directly related to your agenda topic. Sometimes, not even related to your current meeting – but still important enough, anyone should take care of it.

What usually happens is, either people talk about this new issue and get distracted from the goal of your meeting (and run out of time) or the not related issue will just get lost: “We should take care of this” – but who exactly and until when? Nobody knows!?!

With yoyomeeting, you can assign these tasks in addition to the meeting protocol to someone responsible. This “side issue” is then parked on the “parking lot”, will be taken care of – and you are ready to re-focus on the current topic, getting things done!


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For the calculation of the benefit, we assumed everyone having a yoyomeeting license has 20 one hour meetings per month with 2 additional attendees. That sums up to 60 meeting hours per month. Each hour is paid in average with 50 €, so the company invests in meetings 3.000 € for wages alone. With yoyomeeting we estimated an overall longterm meeting productivity increase of 20%, which sums up to at least 600 €/month. And in the calculation above, we did not even consider rebates on corporate license packs!