Agenda Software – easily create and manage your meeting agendas

We simplified the way to add an agenda to your Outlook meetings.

Feature Focus

An Easy-to-Use Agenda Management Software to Prepare for Meetings

  • Simplify the way to set a structured agenda for every meeting
  • Collect input for shared agendas
  • Use it additionally to any calendar tool in your organization

Team agenda management tool

Every great meeting starts with a decent agenda. Unfortunately, most meeting hosts still do not send an agenda along with the meeting invitation. So attendees cannot prepare for the meeting and the meeting has a bad start. You lose time, getting your attendees onboard, and make them think about your issue. And this lack of knowledge of your attendees will lead often to pointless discussions in the meeting.

Taking the time to write a meeting agenda will help your team in the long run.

Providing an agenda with your meeting invitation can save you hassle and time in your meeting – and using a team agenda software like yoyomeeting can help your team better prepare for meetings. With yoyomeeting, you’ll never use another agenda manager for meetings.

How to simply add an agenda to your meetings?

Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook and other calendar tools do not provide a decent feature to address this meeting agenda issue. This is, where the yoyomeeting team agenda software kicks in for your meetings.

add agenda

Our agenda management software is a perfect add-on for Outlook MS Teams and other calendar and collaboration tools. Just use it in addition to whatever calendar tool you have established in your organization. It is easy to ramp up and easy to use – just plug and play. 

How does yoyomeeting serve as agenda software for any calendar

The yoyomeeting meeting minutes tool alters your calendar with productive features. Add it to your face-to-face meetings, video conferences, or hybrid meetings.

Agenda templates and tips for agenda setting

There are trillions of example agenda templates online. With our team agenda software, you do not need an agenda template in Word or OneNote anymore. Just use yoyomeeting as your new and flexible agenda template to structure the job for you! All agendas you created, can be saved as agenda templates to re-use later. At the same time, you will profit from the integration and the other helpful features, our agenda tool provides (e.g. task assignment, meeting notes, etc.).

Tips for collecting agenda topics

When yoyomeeting is established in your organization, you can even create shared agendas with your team: The meeting host simply assigns agenda items to the meeting attendees and every participant can add content to the agenda. No more co-ordination of the meeting contents via the different channels like email, Teams chat, calls etc.

For the calculation of the benefit, we assumed everyone having a yoyomeeting license has 20 one hour meetings per month with 2 additional attendees. That sums up to 60 meeting hours per month. Each hour is paid in average with 50 €, so the company invests in meetings 3.000 € for wages alone. With yoyomeeting we estimated an overall longterm meeting productivity increase of 20%, which sums up to at least 600 €/month. And in the calculation above, we did not even consider rebates on corporate license packs!