Shared Agendas

Our collaborative online shared agenda tool is a simplified way to let attendees collaborate on meeting agendas.

Feature Focus

Share agendas and collect content from your team to collaborate on

  • Collect input for shared agendas

  • Store all collected documents needed for your meeting in the calendar item

  • Unburden the meeting host to coordinate all input from different channels

How to collaborate with others for shared meeting agendas

In the old days (and they last until today, in some organizations), there was no efficient way to gather input for shared agendas for larger team meetings. Emails and reminders were sent to all participants and the poor meeting host had to copy everything from the different internal communication channels into the one meeting document. This took time and nerves to get this straight. With yoyomeeting, you get an efficient way to share an agenda with other meeting attendees.

Easily collaborate on topics for your shared agenda

To collect input for your shared agenda is pretty simple with yoyomeeting, the agenda management tool for Microsoft Outlook.

yoyomeeting task assignment

The meeting host simply assigns agenda items to the meeting attendees (e.g. “Peter’s Agenda Item” or “Quarterly Sales Stats”) and participants are allowed to collaborate on the same agenda. Each meeting attendee can add content to shared agendas as part of the meeting invitation in Microsoft Outlook.

Contributed content can either be plain text within the agenda or files, documents, or slides for presentation in the meeting. Everything is automatically stored locally in your Microsoft Outlook and everything will be available in your shared agenda. All new contributions update the shared agenda, so everyone is informed before the meeting starts.

With yoyomeeting, there’s no more coordination of the meeting contents via different channels like email, Teams chat, calls, etc. And furthermore, you have all meeting resources in one place. There is no need to get nervous in your meeting when it comes to finding the right files for the presentations in different places or on different laptops.

The efficient way to create a shared agenda

Using our meeting agenda tool is an efficient way for teams to collaborate and add information to online meeting agendas. This saves you time and effort to get your meeting perfectly prepared, set up, and conducted.

For recurring meetings, just can even create a meeting template that you can re-use every time. And after a few iterations with your team, this is a sure-fire hit for creating shared agendas within your team or organization.

Easy installation in Microsoft Office eco-system

Just install the add-in to create shared agendas from Microsoft AppSource and forever simplify the way to collect content for your shared agendas.

For the calculation of the benefit, we assumed everyone having a yoyomeeting license has 20 one hour meetings per month with 2 additional attendees. That sums up to 60 meeting hours per month. Each hour is paid in average with 50 €, so the company invests in meetings 3.000 € for wages alone. With yoyomeeting we estimated an overall longterm meeting productivity increase of 20%, which sums up to at least 600 €/month. And in the calculation above, we did not even consider rebates on corporate license packs!