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And why we wanted to create the best meeting management tool ever!

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Meetings Suck!

Growing up n the startup world, working in the buzzing digital innovation hub Berlin (Germany), we ended up consulting old fashioned businesses in their quest for digital excellence.

But then working in a rather old fashioned, established business environment, we experienced a horrible clash of cultures:

Instead of seeing a problem, analyzing it and finding a pragmatic solution as you go (life could be simple!), everything needed to be discussed and talked through with about every stakeholder in the company. It felt, for every decision you need to hold a meeting – unfortunately most of them unproductive and badly (or not at all) prepared by the meeting host.

But obviously, in every business of a certain size, things are more complicated than in a startup with a handful of people. So let’s face it, we needed those meetings. Although we could not do anything against those many meetings, we could do something for the productivity and reward of those meetings!

After a year of complaining about the bad meeting habits and the lack of discipline of the attendees, we started to develop things like our “IMPACT formular”, putting it on every meeting table in the office. Constant training in the same team, the IMPACT formular helped at least our core team to get better. But meetings with others still sucked!

Our experience showed, meeting quality is directly connected to the meeting discipline of the host and the attendees. Unfortunately, mankind is seldom made for discipline when it works out otherwise (at least from the personal point of view of some meeting participants).

Unfortunately we could neither educate nor “penalize” anyone in the meeting with the wrong attitude or a lack of knowledge that our meetings run differently. Thus we revitalized our idea of incorporating everything you need for the perfect meeting in a tool (we already had this idea about 12 years ago).

Instead of counting on the meeting discipline or your participants, we now let the tool guide us through the meeting. Giving the host all rights and justification to get on with things and re-focussing the attendees on the really important topics.

And guess what, it worked perfectly well! It even worked so well, that we decided to develop the product further and bring it on the market! For our partners, for the world for you!


A People's Business

Coming from the startup world, our founders are used to develop user centric software solutions and finding market niches to fill with digital ideas.

With a successfull track record of developing and marketing international businesses, this time we lined up to fight the worldwide meeting madness taking place in the corporate world.

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In 2019 we refined the idea of meeting management, tested a few things on ourselves and then decided to develop our solution in the now available Microsoft Office 365 eco system. This provides us the great opportunity to “strike” our customers where they already are: Microsoft Office

The core idea of our usability concept is to adapt our productivity booster as much to your existing behavioral habits as possible. It would be wicked to assume, anyone in the corporate world would change the whole Microsoft Outlook based communication process to our new solution.

So instead of trying to change our customers, we have put yoyomeeting as an add-in into Microsoft Office 365.

Furthermore, we focussed on the essentials to make the adoption of the tool-based meeting management really easy. It is always hard to work with a new tool, when you hardly have the time to get your stuff going. But not with yoyomeeting:

It's right where you are!
It's really easy to use!
It costs less than a decent coffee per month!

Make Meetings Great Again!

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