How to Prepare for Meetings


When it comes to meetings – preparation is key. All experienced presenters will vouge for the importance of preparing for meetings, and more importantly – how to effectively prepare for meetings.

Tips on Preparing You & Your Team for Meetings


You and your team use a meeting agenda to get on the same page. Here are some tips on how to prepare for meetings.

Send a Detailed Agenda


Invest a little in meeting preparation and gain massively during and after your meeting. Preparation starts with an agenda to send to your team. The level of detail that goes into a meeting agenda matters. When you send a detailed meeting agenda to your team, people come prepared and the discussion in your meeting can be fruitful.

What details should be included in an agenda?

  • Time: What to does the meeting start?
  • Place: Is it a physical or virtual meeting?
  • Purpose: What’s the purpose of the meeting?
  • Previous tasks: if this is a follow-up meeting, are there any updates to ongoing tasks?


Determine the Objectives of the Meeting


When calling a meeting, it’s encouraged to determine the objectives of the meeting. By determining an objective and conveying it to the team, you avoid the rambling of meetings we are all too familiar with. When the objectives are met, the meeting is successful, and precious time is not wasted on another unproductive meeting.


Let meeting attendees contribute to the agenda


Sometimes, it is useful to get your attendees to contribute to your meeting’s agenda. This is particularly true for follow-up meetings where team members may have tasks from a previous meeting. When attendees contribute to a meeting agenda, it helps the group meeting become more effective.

Agenda template help in meeting series


Whether it’s a daily stand-up meeting, a recurring weekly meeting, or even monthly, sticking to a series of meetings is common. For these meetings, it’s encouraged to send out the same agenda and stick to it. The agenda should reflect how far each meeting goes in terms of tasks. This is where tracking tasks becomes key.

Yoyomeeting Prepares Your Team For Meetings


Using a meeting management software enables you to prepare you and your team for meetings. How does yoyomeeting help prepare you for meetings?


Set detailed agendas and send them out to your team


Using yoyomeeting’s easy-to-use agenda setting feature, you can create an informative agenda for your meeting in just a few steps. Furthermore, your agenda is the perfect foundation for taking live meeting notes, your context for the recorded decisions and the assigned tasks.

Team members can easily contribute to meeting agendas


With yoyomeeting, you can easily do so by inviting attendees to upload their content to the Office 365 meeting and contribute to the agenda items assigned to them. The result: everyone is prepared, everything is in one place and you do not have to collect and coordinate all the contributions one by one from your attendees.

Set Agendas for Repeat Meetings


For repeat meetings with the same agenda, yoyomeeting saves you the time and create your own agenda templates. Create one for your first meeting and then adapt and alter it to your needs in the follow-ups.

It’s Time to Prepare For Meetings Better


Our meeting management Microsoft Office plugin helps with all facets of meetings, including meeting planning, meeting recording and meeting recaps. You’ll have more productive and meaningful meetings when you use yoyomeeting as your meeting management software.


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