Measure Meeting Effectiveness

How rating of your meeting can become a real performance driver to meeting quality

Feature Focus

Rate Your Meeting Quality

  • Do a quick review of the meeting quality after each meeting

  • Measure meeting effectiveness for each meeting

  • Promote the idea, having productive meetings is key in your organization

  • Get better meeting by meeting

Rate your meetings to improve meeting quality

To improve the way you run meetings in your organization, take some time to review how your meetings go. With yoyomeeting, our web-based meeting management software provides a way to measure meeting effectiveness. Using our software, meeting participants have the option to rate every meeting.

The important part is not the star rating that your meeting achieves, but the quick reflection about how it went. What could have been better? What could have been worse? On what part of the process will you have an eye on in the next meeting as a meeting host?

Have better meetings over time

As you strive for meetings that are better structured and more productive, the use of yoyomeeting will help your organization improve, step-by-step, and over time. A change of (meeting) habits can take time. Keep in mind that it’s a collective action, and not everyone travels at the same speed.

Show people that meeting quality matters in your company

By rating your meetings and having a reflection about them, will help your organization to improve. It shows old and new employees that meeting quality matters.

71% of senior management complains about having “unproductive or inefficient meetings”. Considering there are about 25 million meetings per day (!) in the US alone, there are many wasteful meetings that can be avoided (or at least reduced).

rate your meetings

The rating of your meeting consists of the overall quality of your meeting (rated with up to 5 stars) and the timing performance of your meeting (planned time vs. true time). The latter will help you in the future planning process. Over time, measuring meeting effectiveness will help you know how speedy your team is and you can see whether there is an improvement over time in meeting productivity.

Building blocks for better meetings

Reflecting on meeting performance by rating your meeting is just one of many features that help your organization getting better over time. In combination with other features, like agenda setting, goal setting, task assignment, and more, yoyomeeting can help you in many ways to have great and productive meetings and an overall improvement of your meeting habits!

Easy to use, easy to install: Just download yoyomeeting from Microsoft AppSource.


Other Features

Here are a few other features of our meeting management software:

For the calculation of the benefit, we assumed everyone having a yoyomeeting license has 20 one hour meetings per month with 2 additional attendees. That sums up to 60 meeting hours per month. Each hour is paid in average with 50 €, so the company invests in meetings 3.000 € for wages alone. With yoyomeeting we estimated an overall longterm meeting productivity increase of 20%, which sums up to at least 600 €/month. And in the calculation above, we did not even consider rebates on corporate license packs!