How to Have Productive Meetings


Every manager and team leader wishes for meeting productivity. For those that are tasked with multiple meetings every day, the wish is to have meetings be productive. When meetings aren’t productive, they lead to more meetings – and who wants that?

Being a productive meeting starts with preparation. It also means shaking bad meeting habits that can lead to a lack of productivity. 

Every group should strive for productive business meetings. Here are some quick tips on how to have more productive meetings.


Tips on How to Have a Productive Meeting





Set time limits for meeting items

An easy way to be more productive? Set time limits for your meeting items. By setting time limits for pre-planned meeting items, you can help stay on track during meetings. These meeting items should be included in the agenda that is sent to your meeting invitees prior to the meeting. When meeting items with time limits are sent to everyone before the meeting, everyone is on the same page for how the meeting should go.


Consider limiting the number of meeting participants

A meeting that has more attendees can sometimes make meetings less productive. With more people in the room, your meetings are prone to move slower toward the resolution needed. Consider reducing the number of attendees to only those that need to be at the meeting. Your meeting will be more productive with fewer people if you can help it.


Don’t let the conversation go off-track

Meetings sometimes get derailed. When meetings go off the tracks, there needs to be someone to wring the meeting back into the topics that need to be discussed. Sticking to the meeting agenda and the topics listed on the agenda will help serve as a guide to stay on track.


Have clear assigned action items to meeting members

The end result of meetings should be to assign meeting attendees’ tasks. Keeping this in mind, your meeting should work toward this. By the end, you’ll have clear assigned items to members of your team.


Having a productive meeting is easy with yoyomeeting


Easily write an agenda that works

With yoyomeeting as your meeting management software, it is much easier to prepare a good looking agenda. Each agenda item takes one click and a line of text to create.


Use timeboxing of agenda items

Use timeboxing of agenda items

You can plan time boxes for each agenda item prior to your meeting. With timeboxing you only allow for a certain amount of time to discuss a topic during the meeting, avoiding the possibility of one topic being discussed for the whole meeting. Timeboxing agenda items helps the meeting be productive by getting members of the meeting to stay on track.


Send members who don’t attend the meeting the next-steps

Just because people aren’t invited to the meeting doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know the results of the meeting! With yoyomeeting, you can choose only essential members to attend the meeting, while sending the results to another team. That way, your meeting can be more productive with fewer people attending the meeting.



Take meeting notes on the fly

Take meeting notes on the fly

With yoyomeeting’s live recording feature you can just record decisions, take personal tasks and collect side issues as the meeting happens. It’s so much easier than taking unstructured notes during the meeting that you’ll need to revisit, structure and send out to your team. Our notetaking saves you time, which makes a more productive meeting!


Having a More Productive Meeting is Easier Than You Think


By using yoyomeeting as your meeting management software, you can automate and optimize your meeting from start to finish! Our software helps with meeting planning, meeting recording and meeting recaps.


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