10 reasons to Use Our Meeting Software

Turn the most annoying thing in working life into the most valuable element in your business!

Right for you?

Get more out of your working hours


You will achieve better meeting results

Using our "few clicks agenda" feature in Outlook, your attendees will show up much better prepared. This will result in much better informed decisions.

You will have fewer meetings

Using yoyomeeting in your daily routines will result in having fewer meetings. Things will not come back to the agenda. They will get done!

You will have shorter meetings

With great preparation and visual time boxing, the tool will focus you on decisions and tasks to get things done in less time.

You will have more fun in meetings

With yoyomeeting you will have more fun in meetings, since they are meaningful from now on! And it allows you to easily work in recurring meetings (use the agenda templates!) or in changing teams - anytime you want. 100% freedom and flexibility!

No extra time needed for writing protocols

With the enabling interface for taking meeting notes, assigning personal tasks and recording decisions during your meeting, the protocoll is already done before everyone is back at their desks!

Generates helpful meeting notes for everyone

With the optimized format to automatically generate meeting protocols, you get a documentation (PDF/Word) that people are really willing to read. Everything included, without unneccessary ballast. Check it out yourself!

Personal task assignment with deadline instead of lost todos

Instead of hiding all tasks in one large meeting protocol, yoyomeeting sends individual tasks to the single responsible persons. This makes the handling for everybody much easier and nothing will get lost.

Integrated in your existing Microsoft Office landscape

Fully integrated in Microsoft Office 365, yoyomeeting is right where you already work. In the software design process, we completely focussed on you as a user, linking everything to your established working routines.

Create a 20% increase in meeting productivity - or even more

You will have fewer and shorter meetings. You make sure, personal tasks are assigned to the right people with deadline. You will make more profound decisions. And finally, you will have less trouble in the preparation and follow-up of your meetings. It all sums up! ... Our beta testers estimated to 20% to 30%!

Download from Microsoft Store and go

We thought long about the depth of integration in Office 365 and decided to make everything as simple and useful as possible. To use yoyomeeting, just install a Free Trial from the Microsoft Store and get started.

Bonus: All future feature updates included

In addition to the currently available features, you will continuously profit from all future developments, we launch in the yoyomeeting add-in. By the way, you can check out our development pipeline on our facebook page and vote for your favourite feature.

in the Microsoft Store

For the calculation of the benefit, we assumed everyone having a yoyomeeting license has 20 one hour meetings per month with 2 additional attendees. That sums up to 60 meeting hours per month. Each hour is paid in average with 50 €, so the company invests in meetings 3.000 € for wages alone. With yoyomeeting we estimated an overall longterm meeting productivity increase of 20%, which sums up to at least 600 €/month. And in the calculation above, we did not even consider rebates on corporate license packs!