Meeting notes are needed for meeting productivity. Creating good meeting notes is critical to having good meetings. You can have a great meeting, but without the aid of meeting notes, there’s no documentation about what went on during the meeting and specific next steps. Documenting meetings can be time-consuming but with a meeting notes software, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are a few ways to take good meeting notes:


Take Notes Before the Meeting

Prep for your meeting by taking notes before the meeting happens. That way, you’re prepared to discuss topics, and your answer and sections of your meeting notes that can easily be filled in during the meeting, instead of scrambling to write down everything during the meeting.


Don’t worry about every word

Get your thoughts down on the page in a way that can be understood, then revise. In meetings, time should be used wisely, and paying attention to the meeting itself instead of perfecting every little thing on the meeting notes should be the priority. You can then revise your notes later.


Document Next Steps

During meetings, you will likely come to one of many conclusions as a group, with follow-up steps. Those steps are likely assigned to other group members in the meeting. Be sure to document this during the meeting so that there are clear next steps after the meeting.


Send a summary

Taking good meeting notes means summarizing the meeting to others that did not attend the meeting. Sending a meeting summary to others that may need to know about updates on the topics discussed, and the decisions that came out of the meeting. 




yoyomeeting helps take notes during meetings


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Create an Agenda In Just a Few Steps

With yoyomeeting, you can create your agenda in just a few steps. That lays the foundation for your meeting notes later in the meeting where you just refer to the different topics and just record really important information, tasks and decisions.


Take Structured, Easy-to-Read Notes

With yoyomeeting you get structured notes without the full transcript. The meeting notes will provide helpful meeting, easily readable notes to our team.


Separate tasks and decisions from your meeting notes

With yoyomeeting, you can separate tasks and decisions from the rest of your meeting notes. Although they are listed in the meeting documentation, every participant gets his/her individual tasks right into their inbox. Therefore no task will get lost.


Send meeting notes in the right format

yoyomeeting supports the structure and formatting for you. After years of iterations, we developed a best practice meeting notes structure, containing all relevant data from your meeting with separate sections for decisions, tasks and side issues for follow up on (and until when). You decide whether you distribute the meeting results as open Word document or as PDF.


Your write the protocol!

It’s fun to write meeting notes with yoyomeeting! No more ducking away, when it comes to the question who writes the protocol this time. Just take your right-sized meeting notes with yoyomeeting – on the fly and without the usual hassle.



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