Whether it’s WeWork or a small local coworking space, there’s been a boom of the number of coworking spaces available. Part of a coworking membership typically includes access to meeting spaces. Learning the ins and outs of coworking conference rooms will help you adjust to having productive meetings.

Organizations may have different reasons why they need to have meetings in coworking conference rooms. There are teams that work around the world, and they may need to meet to discuss information periodically. As businesses hire more remote workers, the need may increase for coworking meetings to maintain a team environment. Companies that are new to coworking environments may have questions about how coworking conference rooms operate and the features they can provide their employees.

Considerations for Coworking Conference Rooms

What will make your meetings in coworking conference rooms go smoothly? Well, besides using the yoyomeeting meeting management software, here is some information about how to find the right coworking space and how to get the most out of your meeting,

What are meeting rooms typically like?

There are a variety of conference rooms in coworking spaces that may differ in the equipment that they have to accommodate the needs of staff. Rooms may differ in the seating arrangements and the tables they contain to offer choices for the companies and their unique meeting needs.

What kind of meeting room options are there?

Meeting room coworking spaces may differ in their options to allow meetings to occur in large and small rooms. Some rooms may be private to allow employees to have private meetings in coworking spaces to discuss sensitive information.

WeWork Meeting Room Options

At Wework, there are typically many different coworking conference room options to choose from. The meet rooms can vary in size, and amenities, as some spaces, are well-suited and intended for certain types of meetings.

There are big conference rooms available for booking:

For instance, there are brainstorming meeting rooms, equipped with whiteboards.

For more intimate meetings, there are smaller meeting spaces.

For informal meetings, there are meeting spaces that don’t even have tables.

Are there certain types of meeting rooms I should book for certain types of meetings?

Companies that use coworking spaces for a meeting that comprises three people may book a small room. When you need to host a meeting that has ten people, select a large room. It is important for the rooms to be large enough for employees to work enjoyably because this helps retain staff.

Whatever room you are looking for, make sure that the meeting room you’re interested in booking has what you need for your meeting.

What equipment do rooms have to help with meetings?

Rooms have different equipment to help meet the needs of companies that have unique needs. A conference room coworking space may desks and phones in an open setting. Some meetings may occur that don’t require any equipment and staff may feel comfortable at a small table near a coffee bar.

There are other meetings that may require video conferencing equipment if organizations schedule a team video conference call, and they may require a whiteboard to document what they discuss. If an organization holds meetings in coworking spaces that require a classroom setting, they may need multiple rows of tables that allow the employees to see notes on a whiteboard. If a team has a brainstorming session, they may need a meeting room that has a whiteboard to document the ideas of the group. Some large and medium-sized conference rooms in coworking spaces may have conference call equipment.

How do you typically book meeting rooms/conference rooms?

When a company needs to book a meeting room coworking space, there are several options available to select an appropriate space. Companies that use coworking spaces can book meeting rooms online, by phone or they can use an app. If someone is out of the office and needs to select a room, they can view the available rooms online and schedule a room if they need to hold an impromptu meeting. By having different options to book rooms, companies can book rooms even when they have issues with technology.

Alternatives help companies get the rooms they need even when their cell phones need charging, or their lights go off in their offices. Companies may need to host a meeting because there are system failures in their regular workplaces. When companies have coworking options they can continue to perform their work during times of power failure in their offices until they resume normal operations as fast as possible. Additionally, coworking spaces can provide remote employees with a workspace solution if they have issues with their home offices.

Yoyomeeting is the Perfect Tool for Meetings in Coworking Conference Rooms

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