Contribute to an agenda

Learn how to create and contribute to a shared agenda for your next meeting.


Contribute to a shared agenda

Bragging Fact: 74% or employees think, meetings make decision-making easier. Nonetheless, 69% think, there are too many meetings during the day.

To make (regular) meetings more engaging and productive, let your participants contribute to your agenda. For example, set up an agenda for your weekly team meeting and ask everyone to add their topics to their agenda item.

It’s so simple to create a shared agenda:

  1. Simply create a yoyomeeting agenda as usual
  2. Assign selected agenda items to selected participants
  3. DONE

When saving the meeting/agenda, all participants get an email and an alert in their yoyomeeting dashboards to contribute to your agenda. They can add text and decision memos in the description or upload files and presentations. Everything is ready when you start – and everyone feels involved in the show! That drives accountability! And that’s what you want!

To contribute to an agenda is as simple as creating one:

  1. Click on the link in the email or on the “bell” icon in the top right of your yoyomeeting dashboard
  2. Add your content to “your” agenda item
  3. DONE

That’s real teamwork! And you get people involved even before your meeting starts!

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