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Learn how to create a new meeting in Outlook and to use the yoyomeeting Office 365 add-in to add a self speaking agenda with just a few clicks.


Create a new meeting with agenda

We thought we should not do things any more complicated than they already are. So adding an agenda to yout Oulook meeting is fairly simple:

  1. Schedule your meeting in Microsoft Outlook as you always did before. Add a meeting title, invite participants, enter a location and a start date.
  2. But now comes the clever part: Click in the Outlook ribbon (at the top) the yoyomeeting icon that says “open agenda panel”. Now the add-in opens on the right side of your meeting frontend.
  3. Now you can add one or more agenda items to your meeting (or load an agenda template).
  4. As you can see, the agenda items and their desciptions appear in the text section of your meeting invitation. Furthermore, the overall timing of your meeting is adapted to the sum of all time boxes for your agenda items.
  5. To finish your meeting invitation, just click “Send” in the Outlook section of your meeting invitation.

Important fact: You can only assign tasks to meeting attendees. So make sure, everyone who might get a personal task, is invited to your meeting.

To learn the basics on how to schedule meetings with Microsoft Outlook, just go to the support section for this use case on the Microsoft support platform: