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You have already created an agenda for your meeting. Learn now now hot to perfectly handle your meeting with notes, tasks and decisions.


How to start your meeting

To start your meeting, open the calendar item (=meeting) in Microsoft Outlook and click on the button “Open Agenda Panel” (that’s the one with the yoyomeeting icon in the header section of your Outlook).

As you can see, your presviously added agenda items for this meeting show up in the yoyomeeting add-in.

Just click on the blue “Start meeting” button and you are already on your way.

Work with the meeting clock to monitor the timing

In the very second you click the blue start button, the time is ticking for your first agenda item. In case you do not want this immediate start, just pause (and restart) the clock by clicking the “Start / Pause” button next to the digital clock.

In case you do not want to see the clock as prominent, just “hide” it a little more with the “Show clock” toggle. But you will still see the clock – just less prominent.

In case you do not want to see the time ticking at all (but we promise, it will help your meeting efficiency!), just pause the clock as described above.