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Learn how to start your perfect meeting with yoyomeeting and always finish on time.


How to start your meeting

Bragging Fact: Employees consider around 70% of meetings unproductive. Therefore 75% admit they have missed meetings deliberately.

Make sure your meeting starts on time (70% of employees find starting late is annoying and not appreciative). With yoyomeeting, it’s easy to start and stay focussed in the meeting to finish on time – always!

This is how you start your meeting:

  1. Open your meeting (container) in the workstream or the meetings section of your navigation
  2. ¬†Click “OPEN MEETING” underneath your agenda.¬†
  3. When everyone is ready, click on “START MEETING”

To improve your meeting quality, remember, it’s providing an agenda prior to the meeting and checking the progress bar during the meeting that helps you stay focussed and finish on time.

Usually, the next meeting is already waiting. So your participants will appreciate when you are a focussed meeting host and get things done on time (or even earlier!). This will build up your reputation as Meeting Guru!