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A perfect meeting management tool supports you generating a meeting summary with all notes, tasks and decisions. See how it works!


How to end your meeting

Meeting summary? Already done! Working with yoyomeeting, shortens the protocol part of meetings tremendously!

Your job using yoyomeeting is, to take down brief notes and information during the meeting. The job of the yoyomeeting add-in is, to support this process to make it as easy and effortless as possible.

And our second job is, to generate a structured, easy to read meeting summary. The meeting summary contains a full meeting documentation with all your meeting notes, assigned tasks, side issues and decisions.

But before you are finished with the meeting, you need to decide the following:

Who should get the meeting summary?

Go to the “attendees” tab underneath the clock. Here you can see a list of all attendees and you can mark everyone who really attended the meeting. Furthermore, you can select who should get the meeting summary.

Select the format of the assigned tasks

Currently, we provide a very generic email template for the assignment of the tasks, that works with all kinds of task management tools. But as you can see, the format is provided as a dropdown menu. This means, we are currently working on more formats for the tasks.

To influence which formats are mostly needed (and should be developed), you can involve yourself in the discussion about new features on our Facebook page.

Select the format of the meeting notes

The “real” meeting protocol can be distributed as PDF, what makes it harder for your attendees to change it later on or as an “open” Microsoft Word document.

In the latter, it is obviously easy to change the content.  This one you should use when you want your meeting attendees to review the documentation or make alterations later on. Or in case you have your own Microsoft Word template (with individual header and footer or a certain font, for example) and want to alter the document according to your needs.

Rate your meeting

Before you are really finished, get some feedback on how the meeting and measure meeting effectiveness by rating meetings. Let your attendees rate the meeting by giving zero to five stars and provide feedback. The idea behind this is, to get everyone to reflect on the meeting and how to improve next time.