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yoyomeeting helps you summarize the meeting with all notes, tasks and decisions. See how it works!


How to wrap up your meeting

Bragging Fact: Only 30% of meetings are considered productive! Good news: Now you can do better in your organization!

Meeting summary? Already done! Working with yoyomeeting, shortens the documentation part of meetings tremendously!

Your job using yoyomeeting is, to take down brief notes and information during the meeting. The job of yoyomeeting is, to support this process to make it as easy and effortless as possible.

And our second job is, to generate a structured, easy to read meeting summary. The meeting summary contains a full meeting documentation with all your meeting notes, decisions and assigned tasks.

By ending the meeting, all participants will be informed about their tasks – as email and in their yoyomeeting task lists. In the latter, you can comment and interact on tickets/tasks and get things done without losing sight!

The timeline archive

All results are stored in the workstream’s timeline. Here, everyone being part of the workstream has access to the timeline archive and can catch up in case he has missed anything – or to bring new members of the organization or in the team on the same page. It’s all set in one place.

When it’s in yoyomeeting, it’s official!