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Learn how to install the yoyomeeting Outlook add-in in Office 365 to improve your meeting quality by using an integrated meeting management tool.


Individual support for more

In our opinion, a great software tool should be absolutely self-explanatory. But sometimes things do not run as easy as expected.

So in case you do not get along with our online support topics, just contact our support team to get answers on your individual questions. Please fill out the form below and guide us with some answers to a few questions.

Contact the Support Team

To help us solving your request, please give us as much information as possible concerning your technical infrastructure and please answer the following questions:

  • Which Office 365 license do you use?
  • Do you use Microsoft Exchange?
  • Is your problem related to the desktop or the web version of the add-in?
  • Did you install the add-in yourself or did a system admin did this for you?