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Everything you need know to handle your meeting. Manage agenda items, take meeting notes, assign tasks and side issues, record decisions.


How to conduct your meeting

Bragging Fact: In the United States alone, $37 billion is lost to unproductive meetings annually. By the way, yoyomeeting pays off in one meeting!

When you are in the meeting, you can work your way through each agenda item and take your meeting notes, assign tasks and record decisions.

At the top you can see the progress bar of your meeting with the different time boxes (=agenda items). It starts filling up over time to show your … progress (well, it’s a progress bar!).  

Navigate through the agenda items

When the meeting has started, you are free to flip through the different agenda items on the right. In the left pane, you record whatever you want to record for each item.

The meeting documentation is focussed on what drives results: decisions, results and task assignment! Because no one ever reads long meeting minutes in prose!

Note: That’s why we also decided against AI recording/transcription for now. But let’s see, what the future brings.  


As we learned, employees consider meetings the perfect place to make decisions! That’s why most meetings (should) circle around decisions. And these decisions we record seperately. This is important, since we show all meeting results in a timeline in the connected workstream. That way, it’s easy to catch up in case you missed a meeting or simply want to look up, what decisions have been made on a certain topic.  

Meeting notes

Just add your meeting notes in the text box. Currently, we just allow plain text here, but we are working on styles and formatting.

Assign tasks

Almost every meeting (or agenda item) should end with the question: “Who does what until when?”. The idea is to assign tasks with deadlines to dedicated people instead of just taking down the general information that “someone needs to do [the task] until whenever”.