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Everything you need know to handle your meeting. Manage agenda items, take meeting notes, assign tasks and side issues, record decisions.


How to manage your meeting

When you are in the meeting, you can work your way through each agenda item and record your meeting notes, assign tasks and take down decisions.

To do so, click on the first agenda item. As you can see, the agenda item folds out and reveals everything, you added to this agenda item: the title, the description, the goal and an estimated timing.

Now click on the “Manage agenda item” button and a new content pane will show up. Here you can see the following three sections:

Meeting notes

Just add your meeting notes in the text box. Currently, we just allow plain text here, but we are working on styles and formatting.

Assign tasks

Almost every meeting (or agenda item) should end with the question: “Who does what until when?”. The idea is to assign tasks with deadlines to dedicated people instead of just taking down the general information that “someone needs to do [the task] until whenever”.

Please note: You can only assign tasks to people who were invited to the meeting, because you should not assign tasks to third parties who could not follow the discussion in your meeting.

In case you want to assign a task to someone outside of your meeting, assign the task at first to one participant who then briefs the outside person to perform the task.

At the end of your meeting, all tasks will be sent directly to the assigned participants inboxes. Therefore everyone gets excatly the information he/she needs to execute their individual tasks!

Side issues

Sometimes, discussions bring up topics that need to be solved in a different setting or with different people. Unfortunately, meeting participants still tend to go deeply into these things despite the fact they cannot find a solution here. This just bursts your timing – so make sure to stop it!

How to stop useless discussions in meetings?

Just assign the task as “side issue” (which is an important topic that needs to be taken care of, but somewhere else) to one of the participants to bring the topic to a solution after the current meeting.

Take down decisions

In the best case, you make decisions in your meeting that can be documented here for everyone.

The meeting summary

From all recorded information, yoyomeeting will generate a meeting summary with all meeting notes, decisions and the collection of assigned tasks. More on that in the support topic “Distribute meeting results”.