The first step is to get the topic on the agenda at all. In so many organizations, people complain about bad meetings and the horrible meeting culture, but hardly anyone catches this topic to get it solved! And the poster with the “10 Golden Meeting Rules” usually does not do the job!

You can be the knight to fight bad meetings in your organization! And we give you the lance and armour to win that tournament. And probably, everyone else in your organization gives hails to you that you lead the legions to slay the bad meeting dragon. Enough of medieval imagery, you probably know what we want to say.   

The Change of Meeting Culture is a Marathon

The change of the meeting culture is something that takes time and you cannot do it alone. You have to create some kind of collective movement to bring the issue again and again in the heads of the people in your organization. We structure this change of meeting culture in the following steps:

#1 Make a Decision for Yourself

Decide for yourself whether you accept the challenge to lead the change of meeting culture in your organization. Are you the knight to earn the merits?

#2 Gather Your Team 

You cannot do it alone! But you are the one that has to make the start. But remember: the most important person in a movement is the first follower! He or she reproduces your habits. So gather a team of like-minded colleagues to drive the change in your organization.

#3 Promote what You are doing

Find artefacts to promote what you are doing. Using yoyomeeting in your meetings can be one artefact (“that’s the tool, the meeting knights use”). But it can also be badges, t-shirts, posters and whatever people can recognize again and again in their workday.

But also important, you need to deliver and lead by example. Your meetings always have an agenda, they always have meeting notes, the always post the question: “Who does what until when” to get things done. And they always finish on time!

#4 Endurance as a Team

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