Everyone in business wants to have better meetings, and one way to have better meetings is to have a detailed meeting minutes template. With a meeting minutes template, you and your team can better prepare for meetings ahead of time. It can greatly help with the quality of the meetings you hold.

What goes into creating the perfect meeting minutes template that you can repeatedly for your meetings? It’s important not to miss any important piece of information about the meeting. Lucky for you, we have some experience with meetings, so we know what to include in a meeting minutes template.

What Goes Into a Meeting Minutes Template?

When it comes to a template for meeting notes, there are certain things you’ll want to include. Here are the elements of a meeting minutes template:

  • Attendees
  • Date, Time & location
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Discussion Topics
  • Action Items


You’ll want to keep track and manage attendees of a meeting. Who attends the meeting, and who doesn’t? It’s best to have this on file. A meeting minutes template should include attendees and who is absent from the meeting. This can help team communication – those that do not attend can be filled in on the action items after the meeting.

Date, Time & Location

Where and when will the meeting take place? What is the location of the meeting? Date, time & location of a meeting should include in the meeting minutes template.

Meeting Agenda

Going into the meeting, you should have some meeting agenda items that the group discussed. That’s why it’s essential to include meeting agenda as part of your meeting minutes template.

Discussion Topics

Following the agenda that’s filled out, discussion topics included in a meeting notes template to document what goes on during the meetings.

Action Items

What comes from the meeting? Action items are the next steps on decisions made as a group. Leave this blank in the meeting minutes template going into the meeting, and fill it out as the meeting goes. You may even want to have an assignee for each task.

An Informal Meeting Minutes Template

In addition to formal meetings, many informal meetings happen in business culture. Because of this, you may want to alter your meeting minutes template, depending on the meeting.

What are informal meetings?

Informal meetings are less structured in nature. Typically, there is not as much agenda planning that goes into informal meetings, and conversations are more free-flowing. For instance, there may be a common goal to achieve as a group, but there aren’t necessarily agenda discussion topics.

Here are some examples of informal meetings:

Our Printable Informal Minutes Template

For those who like to write vs. type during meetings, we invite you to use our meeting minutes template to organize and record what occurs during informal meetings.

Informal meeting minutes template

Formal Meeting Minutes Templates

Formal business meetings tend to be more structured, and because of this, there is more preparation for meetings. More detailed agenda management and discussion planning are needed prior to the actual meeting to prepare for formal meetings properly. Here are a few common examples of formal meetings:

Our Printable Formal Minutes Template

For your next meeting, we invite you to use our meeting minutes template to keep track of the meeting – from start to finish.

formal meeting minutes template

Transfer Your Written Meeting Notes to a Meeting Minutes Software

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