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Manage your agenda items and use the review process to secure the quality assurance of the recoreded information


How to review your records

Several people are in the meeting, one records the decision. To make sure the protocol owner reviews the recorded information with the other participants, every agenda item has two steps to finish.

In the meeting management content pane (with the three sections for meeting notes, task assignment and decisions) you “Save and close” the meeting management pane after you added all information for the current agenda item.

In this state, you can still go back and forth and work with the active agenda item. This might be needed when the same person takes care of the meeting notes and shows a Powerpoint presentation, for example.

Going back and forth does not change anything on the timer and the time is still ticking for the current agenda item.

When you are really finished with the agenda item, you need to click “Review and proceed” to, well, proceed to the next agenda item.

Now, the meeting management pane opens again and you can read out loud (or show) all recorded information to your attendees. When everybody agrees, click again “Save and close” and you go on with the next agenda item.

And what else? The timer is set back to zero for the next agenda item. That way you can easily monitor the planned time boxes for each agenda item and focus your attendees at all times.

Please note: You do not have to do this double check. When you are sure you are finished with the agenda item, click directly "Review and proceed" in the agenda to start the next agenda item.